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Efecto Soluciones S.L is the sole company to sell this variety of seed that will revolutionize animal feed in Spain.

It is as an excellent alternative for animal fodder, with properties unique to the market. It has a high production of both green and dry matter with an excellent protein content and high digestibility.


The Siambasa grass has extremely high productions levels that produce yields of 120-150 Ton/Ha/ green matter, equivalent to 30-40Tn/Ha/ms. It may be cut every 40 days.


The seed can be sown in lines, with 50cm between each seed, or may be scattered (8-10kg/ha). The seed should be sown on the surface of the soil.

Levels of raw protein

En los suelos pobres el pasto Siambasa presenta niveles de proteína cruda de 8–12%, mientras que en suelos más fértiles los niveles varían entre 12–14%. In less poor soils, Siambasa grass contains between 8-12% of raw protein, whilst in more fertile soils these levels can reach between 12-14%.

The seed produced in Thailand for Efecto Soluciones S.L is harvested by hand

and has a 98% level of purity in terms of variety. The quality of these seeds are very advantageous, due to the distinctive way in which they are produced and harvested by hand by the men and women of the this country. This gives the seed Siambasa grass seeds added value as they do not require extensive production methods. Siambasa grass in Thailand comes from small fields where it is harvested completely by hand. One of the characteristics of the grass is its high rate of germination, thanks to its 100% purity. The seed never touches the soil, this giving Siambasa grass a higher crop value as it is not contaminated with nematodes or weeds.