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P.I. San Nicolás, Calle Siete, Nº 4, 41500, Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla)
Efecto Soluciones S.L.

The aim of our company is to create crop alternatives for Spanish arable and livestock farmers. Our intention is to offer new animal feed that helps to generate greater profits for Spanish businesses. This crop can reduce the costs of feeding our animals without compromising on the quality of their feed. As it is a very productive perennial crop with an excellent nutritional quality, our company helps farmers to generate more income per hectare and thus greater profits.

Our entire team works closely with each of our clients’ projects. We manage and monitor all of the fields and operations where the Siambasa grass is sown. This link with our clients gives us a direct relation with them. The philosophy of our company is to ensure that all the fields that are sown with our grass are successful. This helps us to create a dynamic marketing strategy that generates not only new clients but also great satisfaction amongst all our clients